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World/New Age

I know you came here for JLH CDs, but we've got other stuff here, too. We sell what sounds good. This store keeps expanding, too, so come back again and again.

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Hell yeah, baby, this is the Finest of the Finest. JLH is the most versatile actress there ever was. Even if you don't like her music, you've got to love everything else about her.
The Finest Jennifer Love Hewitt Page is back
Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Must I explain again?
The Finest Jennifer Love Hewitt Page
Love Hewitt Live
How Do I Deal
How Do I Deal

Jennifer Love Hewitt
One more time
The Finest Jennifer Love Hewitt Page
The Premier JLH Linx Library
Let's Go Bang
Let's Go Bang

Sublime has probably one of the most strong, under-looked styles in society. Besides, they've got some kick ass music.

Agaric's Sublime Page


Wyclef Jean
Featuring albums, videos, singles, imports, merchandise, etc.
All related to Wyclef Jean.

Lauryn Hill
Everything you can get with Wyclef Jean, only with other former
Fugees member, Lauryn Hill.

The Offspring
From Smash to Ixnay to Ignition to Americana, all the things
You love about your Offspring, easy, and at your service.

Beastie Boys
Get everything you want from the Beastie Boys right here.
We've even got posters, T-shirts, and videos you can buy.

Rage Against the Machine
If you like some hard stuff against this damn oppressive way
of life we've got here in the USA today, buy some Rage stuff.

Dave Matthews Band
The newest wave of DMB... if you like them, you might not
want this stuff. If you love them, you need this stuff.

Bob Marley and the Wailers
Bob Marley is the genius behind all crazy baldhead reggae
roots music, so if you believe that Natty Dread's got something
they can never take away, get your Marley stuff here.

The Beatles
Over 100 Beatles albums, videos, and imports. That doesn't
include all the Beatles merchandise you can get from this place.

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This Personal CD Store was made by Tripod member JPW438.
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