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The Finest Jennifer Love Hewitt Page

The Finest JLH Mailing List

There's good news and bad news and better news with the Finest JLH Mailing List. The First list has been completely filled, but new lists are being created so that you can receive and send JLH Facts that maybe no one else knows. This is where your voice will be heard the most. Sign up today, follow the easy instructions, and join this list if you really love JLH.

>>>Miscellaneous Info:

A> This list is totally interactive, if you want your facts to be sent out, send them to:

B> There will be as many lists made as there can, so there can be a hell of a lot of people that join.

C> This list also includes information about the FJLHP (Finest JLH Page) and updates to the FJLHML (Finest JLH Mailing List)

D> We urge you to join this list if you want to know more about JLH.

E> This list is not run by Jennifer Love Hewitt herself. Any personal letters to her will be discarded.

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